Jade White 2017

Jade White, Helena College alumni

Jade helps find a cure with Art Fundraiser

Jade White only graduated from Helena College in 2017 but she has already identified one of her life’s goals – to help find a cure for endometriosis.

This debilitating condition affects one in ten Australian women and girls. There’s so little known about endometriosis that on average it takes seven years to diagnose and many people suffer for years without knowing why. This happened to Jade. In her last years of high school, Jade spent a lot of time doubled over in pain, sweating and feeling nauseous. It was only once she left school that doctors were able to diagnose her microscopic endometriosis.

This year Jade pledged to fight endometriosis and spent much of the year collecting donated artworks to sell at the Darlington Arts Festival. Her stall was a huge success and she raised over $2000 for Endometriosis Australia.

Coupled with Jade’s full-time studies in Pathology and Pharmacology at UWA, organising and running the art show was a heavy workload for the Old Helenian. But she remains committed.

I believe with more research we can make a big difference in the lives of Australian women and find easier ways to diagnose and treat the symptoms of this disease.




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