Years 11-12

In their final two years of school, our students undertake the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), which will lead most to courses of their choice at university or TAFE, while others will make a strong start to life in the workforce.

Helena College has a commitment to offering a full and broad range of subjects even, where practicable, in situations where there is a smaller than usual number of students. We are also committed to developing each student as independent, self directed learners, through our timetabling of weekly private study sessions that are supervised by a teacher who can provide assistance or individual tutoring.

The  aim is to provide a rich learning environment, equipping our students not just for further study or entry to the workforce, but for their lives as active and committed global citizens with a passion for life-long learning.

The 2021 course booklet for Years 11-12 at the Glen Forrest Campus may be downloaded here:

Course Selection Book – 2021 (Year 11 courses 2022, Year 12 courses 2023)

Contact Maree Baddock, Director of Teaching and Learning, (Years K-12) for further information.


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